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7 deadly mistakes when setting up a woodworking shop

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With this upgrade, you get digital access to the single most comprehensive woodworking collection and building course ever!


Here are the more details :


"Make Wood Projects Without Nails, Screws or Glue"

Learn to make 10 simple but flawless woodworking joints for your own wood projects. All you need are simple hand tools!  (power tools NOT needed)


Joints are elegant and they outlast nails, screws or glue. If you want to make projects that last hundreds of years, this guide will be invaluable to you.


With detailed photos and step by step instructions, it covers, shelves, hinges, latches, chairs, cabinets, doors, desk, toolboxes and many more...


These are time-tested joints and techniques I've used over the past 15 years to build all types of furniture and crafts.

  • Make flawless woodworking joints with just hand tools
  • Covers popular joints and all types of furniture and crafts
  • Detailed photos, guides and examples of finished projects
  • Save on cost of fasteners and expensive power tools​

VALUE: $49


20 Woodworking "Tricks" The Pro Uses

I'm always looking for "shortcuts" in my work, either to save time or make my life easier.

Over the last 20 years, I've learned easier ways to do something I've done a hundred times before.

This book is a collection of the top 20 tips I've learn from master craftsman or on my own. These tips are simple yet effective ways to be efficient when working with wood.

  • The correct way to layout wood for efficient woodworking
  • The simple (but often overlooked) way to mark cut lines to save time
  • How to make a straight line on dowels without measuring tools!
  • How to cut down on repetitive measurements with this one tip!
  • The #1 mistake you can make when cleaning up glue
  • And many more tips!

VALUE: $37


Ultimate Woodworker Reference
The Mammoth Woodworking Resource

With more than 1,800 colorful, information-packed drawings, diagrams and photos, this resource is designed to instruct and inspire every woodworker from the beginner to the most exacting expert.

It includes tons of guides, weekend crafting ideas and carpentry references...From selecting the right wood, to working with patterns, gluing, and finishing.

This is a MUST-HAVE for all woodworkers and carpenters alike. If you enjoy building custom crafts or sheds, these guides will be your ultimate reference kit.

  • Ultimate Woodworking Reference with 1,800 Photos
  • Bible of Woodworking Tools & How to Use Them
  • 150+ Easy Weekend Woodworking Projects
  • Shed Foundation Guides & Tips For The Perfect Base
  • Custom Furniture Plans
  • And many more tips!

VALUE: $59


Home3D Building Software

  • Home3D design software allows you to create any building on 2D plan with a 3D preview
  • Comes with 100 different furniture and objects with option to create your own
  • Build anything in 2D, Preview in 3D views
  • Create shed buildings or complete homes
  • Super fun and easy to use!

VALUE: $47


Over 219 Outdoor Shed Plans

With this VIP deluxe package #5, you're also going to receive a lifetime membership access to over 219 outdoor shed plans, designed by veteran woodworkers.

All plans comes with easy-to-follow "step by step" instructions and blueprints.

  • General Barn, Utility and Storage Shed Plans
  • Community, Fairground and Lean-to Sheds
  • Greenhouse, Outdoor and Garden Plans
  • Chicken Coops and Barnyard Sheds
  • And many more!

VALUE: $57


The "Handy Dad" package contains 4 jammed packed, awesome products that your family & kids would absolutely love!

With plenty of color photographs, easy-to-follow instructions, and detailed illustrations, this collection is chock-full of creative, ​​​​easy and inexpensive projects to keep everyone in the family entertained for hours.

Here's What You Get:

#1: The BIG Book of 700 Boys Projects

Its time for some serious family fun!

Inside this book, you'll find step-by-step instructions and photographs detailing projects so imaginative and fun... no one will complain about turning off the TV!

  • Over 700 stunning, easy-to-do projects for boys (even girls!) to build.
  • From wooden aircraft, toys, boats to boomerangs and bows.. and more!
  • Every single project can be tossed together with items around the house or with inexpensive supplies.
  • Includes great pictures, list of needed supplies and tools along with great 'how to' instructions.
  • And many more!

VALUE: $29

#2: Tree Houses & PlayHouses

Plans to Build Your Own Tree House & Playhouses

Have you ever dreamed of having a tree house, outdoor play structure...a place where your kids could go to get away, to play, and to relax?

This package will show you how to create one of these sky-high getaways, whether it is a child's play area or an adult hideaway.

  • Discover how to plan, design, and build beautiful tree houses and other outdoor structures with step-by-step instructions along with full plans for every project.
  • These are tree houses and playhouse designs that ANYONE can build because it comes with easy to follow DIY instructions.
  • Covers designs from the very simple to the surprisingly sophisticated.
  • Contains detailed and helpful tree house building guides, construction tips and expert advice!
  • Plus many more!

VALUE: $39

#3: Build Your Own:

Sleds, Cars, Go Karts, Bikes & Scooters

An amazing collection of projects for any dad who is interested in building their own wood and machine hobbies....

...such as Go Karts, Sleds, Toys, Scooters and Bike projects.

  • Hundreds of hobbies and fun projects to do with your kids.
  • Contains plans for Scooters, Go Karts, Airplanes, Sleds, ATV's, Kids' Cars, Mini Bikes, Powered Scooters and more!
  • Comes with detailed drawings, easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step guides.
  • Plenty of stuff that will keep you busy for months!

VALUE: $35

#4: The BIG Book of Science Projects

Hundreds of Cool Projects To Build With Your Kids!

Science and never been so easy and so much fun! There are tons of inventive projects you can do together with your kids...

  • Create mind-blowing, kid-tested science projects over a single weekend with everyday items.
  • Contains hundreds of projects you can build for or with your kids.
  • Promotes creativity and imaginative problem-solving and shows you how to be an inventor, designer, and engineer all in one!
  • Clear and colorful step-by-step directions accompany each experiment so ANYONE can easily follow the procedure
  • And many more!

VALUE: $37

#5: DIY Home Repair

Complete Step-By-Step Illustrated Guide

This complete do-it-yourself home repair guide will show you how to handle all kinds of different basic home repairs easily and hassle-free.

  • Save money and time by doing simple fixes on your own instead of hiring a professional!
  • Contains over 120 books, over 500 photos and hundreds of pages of repair jobs with full detail... no stone is left unturned!
  • Covers electric, plumbing, carpentry, tiling and general DIY work.
  • An essential guide for any home owner!

Click To See Partial List Of Contents

  • 3-Way Switches
    Extending Existing Wire
    Clothes Washers
    Switches and Outlets
    Drill Know-How
    Gas Hot Water
    Circuit Breakers
    Ceiling Fans
    Installing Sinks
    Garage Door Openers
    Chimes and Doorbells
    Tiling Floors
    Installing Thermostats
    Sump Pumps
    Disposal Trouble
    Indoor Lighting
    Roofing and Masonry
    Kitchen Design
    Radiation Fixes
    Bathroom Design
    Electrical Safety
    Sealants & Waterproofing
    Outdoor Lightning
    Painting Tips
    & Many More!

VALUE: $37


Get Instant Access To Over 147 Rare Woodworking Books With Over 25,000 Pages - The Ultimate Classic Archive of Woodworking Knowledge!

So What's Included In The "Ultimate Woodworking Compendium"?

With over 147 books in one place, this is the largest collection of rare woodworking books found anywhere on the planet... It consists of more than 25,000 pages of solid woodworking information.

Click "Show List of Books" link below to take a quick peek


  • A Laboratory Course in Wood-Turning (1897) - By : Micheal Joseph Golden - 69 pages
    The Building Trades Pocketbook A Handy Manual of Reference on Building Construction (1905) - By : International Correspondence Schools - 452 pages
    A Manual of Fret Cutting and Wood Carving (n.d) - By : Major-Gen. Sir Thomas Seaton - 162 pages
    A Treatise on Wood Engraving (1861) - By : John Jackson - 664 pages
    Advanced Projects in Woodwork (1912) - By : Ira S. Griffith - 117 pages
    Our Workshop; Being A Practical Guide to the Amateur in The Art of Carpentry and Joinery (1873) - By : Thomas O'Kane - 196 pages
    An Outline Course of Lessons in Wood-Working (1890) - By : Harian P. Shaw - 12 pages
    Applied Science For Wood-Workers (1919) - By : William H. Dooley - 457 pages
    The Art and Craft of Cabinet-Making (1891) - By : David Denning - 346 pages
    Bench Work in Wood (1888) - By : W. F. M. Goss - 181 pages
    Bench Work in Wood (1905) - By: W. F. M. Goss - 200 pages
    Berlin Course of Easy Wood-Work (1895) - By : W. G. Field - 75 pages
    The Book of Garden Furniture (1903) - By : Charles Thonger - 156 pages
    The Practical Book of Period Furniture (1914) - By : Harold Donaldson Eberlein and Abbot McClure - 371 pages
    Handbook in Woodwork and Carpentry (1911) - By : Charles A. King - 148 pages
    Carpentry For Beginners Things to Make (1917) - By : John D. Adams - 248 pages
    Carpentry For Boys Elementary Woodwork (1893) - By : George B. Kilbon - 108 pages
    Carpentry Made Easy; or The Science and Art of Framing (1857) - By : William E. Bell - 225 pages
    Carpentry (1916) - By : Ira Samuel Griffith - 188 pages
    Colonial Furniture in America (1901) - By : Luke Vincent Lockwood - 352 pages
    Correlated Course in Woodwork and Mechanical Drawing (1912) - By : Ira S. Griffith - 239 pages
    Craftsman Homes (1909) - By : Gustav Stickley - 205 pages
    Descriptive Catalogue of the Woods Commonly Employed in This Country for the Mechanical and Ornamental Arts (1852) - By : Dr. Royle - 118 pages
    Design and Construction in Wood (1913) - By: William Noyes - 159 pages
    Early English Furniture and Woodwork Volume 1 (1922) - By : Herbert Cescinsky - 383 pages
    Educational Woodworking For Home and School (1908) - By: Joseph C. Park - 306 pages
    Elementary Turning for use in Manual Training Classes (1907) - By: Frank Henry Selden - 197 pages
    Manual Training Elementary Woodwork (1893) - By : George B. Kilbon - 120 pages
    Elementary Woodworking (1903) - By: Edwin W. Foster - 133 pages
    Elementary Woodworking Projects (1922) - By: Harold R. Wise - 123 pages
    Elements of Woodwork (1911) - By : Charles A. King - 167 pages
    English Church Woodwork (1917) - By: F.E. Howard and F.H. Crossley - 370 pages
    Essentials of Woodworking (1908) - By: Ira Samuel Griffith - 192 pages
    Exercises in Wood-working With a Short Treatise on Wood (1889) - By : Ivin Sickels - 166 pages
    Farm Woodwork (1919) - By: Louis M. Roehl - 136 pages
    First Lessons in Wood-Working (1888) - By : Alfred G. Compton - 188 pages
    Fret-Sawing and Wood-Carving for Amateurs (1875) - By: George A. Sawyer - 91 pages
    Furniture Designing and Draughting (1907) - By: Alvan Crocker - 100 pages
    Furniture Making Advanced Projects in Woodwork (1912) - By : Ira S. Griffith - 67 pages
    Furniture Masterpieces of Duncan Phyfe (1923) - By : Charles Over Cornelius - 86 pages
    Furniture of the Olden Time (1903) - By: Frances Clary Morse - 371 pages
    Furniture of the Pilgrim Century (1921) - By : Wallace Nutting - 587 pages
    Furniture (1911) - By : Esther Singleton - 273 pages
    Handwork in Wood (1910) - By: William Noyes - 231 pages
    Cedar Chests How to Make Them (1918) - By: Ralph F. Windows - 77 pages
    Intarsia and Marquetry (1903) - By: F. Hamilton Jackson - 152 pages
    Lathe Work For Beginners (1922) - By: Raymond Francis Yates - 284 pages
    Simple Woodwork (1906) - By: Joseph Henry Judd - 230 pages
    Light and Heavy Timber Framing Made Easy (1909) - By: Fred T. Hodgson - 395 pages
    Manual Instruction Woodwork (1892) - By : S. Barter - 343 pages
    Modern American Lathe Practice (1907) - By: Oscar E. Perrigo - 440 pages
    Modern Carpentry and Joinery Volume 2 (1906) - By: Fred T. Hodgson - 420 pages
    Modern Craftsman Homes (1912) - By: Gustay Stickley - 217 pages
    Old Oak Furniture (1905) - By: Fred Roe - 402 pages
    On the Arrangement, Care, and Operation of Woodworking Factories and Machinery (1873) - By : J. Richards - 211 pages
    Wood-Working Factories and Machinery Forming A Complete Operators Handbook (1885) - By: J. Richards - 150 pages
    Problems in Farm Woodwork (1915) - By: Samuel A. Blackburn - 138 pages
    Problems in Furniture Making (1913) - By : Fred D. Crawshaw - 131 pages
    Problems in Woodwork (1917) - By : Edward F. Worst - 246 pages
    Problems in Woodworking (1905) - By: M.W. Murray - 95 pages
    Safety in Woodworking (1918) - By: National Workmen's Compensation Service Bureau - 310 pages
    Shop Work (1918) -By : Herman F. Rusch - 202 pages
    Some Practical Hints on Wood-Engraving (1879) - By : W.J. Linton - 93 pages
    Text-Book of Modern Carpentry (1858) - By : Thomas W. Silloway - 180 pages
    The Art and Craft of Cabinet-Making (1891) - By : David Denning - 325 pages
    The Art of Wood Craving (1867) - By: George Alfred Rogers - 91 pages
    The Boy Craftsman (1905) - By: A. Neely Hall - 393 pages
    The Furniture of Our Forefathers (1913) - By: Esther Singleton - 933 pages
    The Carpenter's and Builder's Assistant and Wood Workers Guide (1874) - By: Lucius D. Gould - 124 pages
    The Sloyd System of Wood Working (1892) - By : B.B. Hoffman - 242 pages
    Tool Processes in Woodworking (1919) - By : A.P. Laughlin - 76 pages
    Tools and Machines (1903) - By : Charles Barnard - 164 pages
    Training in Wood-Work (1902) - By : James M. Tate - 120 pages
    Wood and Other Organic Structural Materials (1917) - By : Charles Henry Snow - 478 pages
    Wood Pattern-Making (1906) - By : Horace Traiton Purfield - 230 pages
    Woodwork and Mechanical Drawing (1914) - By : William Paul Fox - 148 pages
    Woodwork Course For Boys (1893) - By : William Nelson - 67 pages
    Woodwork For Beginners (1916) - By : Ira Samuel Griffith - 79 pages
    Woodwork for Schools on Scientific Lines (1909) - By: James Thomas Baily - 133 pages
    Woodwork for Secondary Schools (1916) - By: Ira Samuel Griffith - 376 pages
    Woodwork for the Grades (1908) - 260 pages
    Wood-Working For Amateur Craftsmen (1911) - By : Ira S. Griffith - 121 pages
    Woodworking For Beginners (1905) - By: Charles G. Wheeler - 551 pages
    Wood-Working Tools; How to Use Them (1881) - By: Henry S. Grew - 113 pages
    A Treatise on The Construction and Operation of Wood-working Machines (1872) - By: J. Richards - 361 pages
    Amateur Joinery in the Home (1916) - By: George Ashdown Audsley - 166 pages
    The Polytechnic Series Forty Lessons in Carpentry Workshop Practice (1896) - By: Charles F. Mitchell - 119 pages
    The Use of Wood For Fuel (1919) - By: Office of Forest Investigations - 54 pages
    How to Make Common Things For Boys (1906) - By : John A. Bower - 254 pages
    Introduction To The Mechanical Principles of Carpentry (1827) - By: Benjamin Hale - 193 pages
    Manual Training in Education (1896) - By : C.M. Woodward - 336 pages
    Practical Carpentry, Joinery, and Cabinet-Making (1826) - By: J. Rider - 373 pages
    The Carpenter's New Guide (1867) - By : Peter Nicholson - 290 pages
    The Illustrated Wood Worker (1829) - 150 pages
    Wood-Carving Design and Workmanship (1903) - By: George Jack - 311 pages
    Wood Conversion (1876) - By: John Richards - 125 pages
    Wood Working, Wood Turning, Patternmaking , Green-sand Molding, Core Making, Dry-Sand and Loam Work, Cupola Practice, Mixing Cast Iron (1901) - By: The Colliery Engineer Company - 770 pages
    Woodworking Machinery (1894) - By: M. Powis Bale - 505 pages
    Wood-Working Tools How To Use Them (1881) - By: Henry S. Grew - 117 pages
    A Course in Wood Turning (1919) - By: Archie Milton - 337 pages
    Shavings And Sawdust (1884) - By: C.A. Wenborne - 162 pages
    Wood and Its Uses (1874 )- By : P.B. Eassie - 240 pages
    A Brief History of Wood-Engraving (1895) - By: Joseph Cundall - 148 pages
    A High School Course in Wood Pattern Making (1916) - By: Joseph Henry Wilson - 136 pages
    A History of Wood-Engraving (1883) - By: George E. Woodberry - 232 pages
    A Manual of Wood Carving (1891) - By: Charles G. Leland - 194 pages
    A Manual of Wood Carving (1909) - By: Charles G. Leland - 198 pages
    A Text-Book of Wood (1921) - By: Herbert Stone - 340 pages
    Handbook on Wood Preservation (1916) - By: American Wood-Preservers' Association - 96 pages
    How To Teach Wood Finishing (1914) - By: Frank Henry Selden - 64 pages
    One Hundred Book Plates Engraved on Wood (1901) - By: Thomas Moring - 240 pages
    Wood Preserving Terms (1922) - By: Ernest F. Hartman E.F. Paddock - 96 pages
    Wood Cravings in English Churches: 1. Stalls and Tabernacle Work. 2. Bishops' Thrones and Chancel Chairs (1910) - By: Francis Bond - 168 pages
    The Seasoning of Wood (1917) - By: Harold S. Betts - 42 pages
    The Preservation of Wood (1919) - By: Thomas Rodd - 76 pages
    The Expert Wood Finisher (1921) - By: A. Ashmun Kelly - 296 pages
    Home Furniture Making: For Amateur Wood Workers, Manual Training Schools and Students (1910) - By: G. A. Raeth - 250 pages
    Lumber and Its Uses (1914) - By: R.S. Kellogg - 400 pages
    Lumber Its Manufacture and Distribution (1922) - By: Ralph Clement Bryant - 578 pages
    History of The Lumber Industry of America Volume 1 (1906) - By: James Elliot Defebaugh - 582 pages
    History of The Lumber Industry of America Volume 2 (1907) - By: James Elliot Defebaugh - 714 pages
    Wooden Ship-Building (1919) - By: Charles Desmond - 236 pages
    Wooden Hull Inspection and Repair Manual (1900) - By: Merchant Marine Technical Division Office of Merchant Marine Safety U.S. Coast Guard - 60 pages
    Wooden Box and Crate Construction (1921) - By: Forest Products Laboratory - 240 pages
    The Preservation of the Exterior of Wooden Buildings (1911) - By: Allerton S. Cushman & Henry A. Gardner - 28 pages
    Wood Finishing Comprising Staining, Varnishing, and Polishing (1906) - By: Paul N. Hasluck - 136 pages
    Wood In Aircraft Construction (1919) - By: The Forest Produccts Laboratory - 160 pages
    Art and Education in Wood-Turning (1921) - By: William W. Klenke - 120 pages
    Wood Turning: Prepared for the Use of Students in Manual Training (1909) - By: George Alexander Ross - 90 pages
    The Woodworker Series : Wood-Turning (1921) - By: J.B. Lippincott - 166 pages
    Manual Training For Common Schools: An Organized Course in Wood-Working (1910) -By: Eldreth G. Allen - 244 pages
    Specimens of Early Wood Engraving (1862) - By: William Dodd - 258 pages
    Wood Sculpture (1911) - By: Alfred Maskell - 592 pages
    Wood Pulp and Its Uses (1911) - By: C. F. Cross - 310 pages
    Wood: A Manual of The Natural History (1908) - G.S. Boulger - 424 pages
    The Art of Wood-Engraving in Italy (1888) - By: Friedrich Lippmann - 230 pages
    The Art of Mordanting and Staining and the Complete Treatment of Wood Surfaces (1911) - By: William Zimmermann - 148 pages
    The School of Forestry: Studies in Wood Decay (1921) - By: Henry Schmitz - 20 pages
    Constructive Carpentry (1912) - By: Charles A. King - 204 pages
    Wood-Using Industries of New York (1913) - By: John T. Harris - 239 pages
    Wood-Using Industries of Quebec (1918) - By: R.G. Lewis - 98 pages
    Wood-Using Industries of South Carolina (1913) - By: Stanley L. Wolfe - 92 pages
    Wood-Engraving To-Day (1917) - By: Frank Weitenkampf - 19 pages
    Wood Preservation in The United States (1909) - By: W.F. Sherfesee -51 pages
    Projects For Beginning Woodwork and Mechanical Drawing (1912) - By: Ira S. Griffith - 92 pages
    Problems in Wood-Turning (1909) - By: Fred D. Crawshaw - 73 pages
    Hand-Book of Wood Engraving (1881) - By: William A. Emerson - 111 pages

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