3 Ideas To Make Your Tools Mobile & Maximize Your Shop Space

I get questions about small space workshops everyday.

People want to maximize their small workshops for real heavy-duty woodworking while maintaining safety and comfort.

And I always say… the best way to maximize your space is to make your tools and machines MOBILE. When you do this, you can move something out of the way when you’re not using it.

Now, how do you make a tool mobile? Well, here are 3 ways to do this with very little effort.

1. Casters

The first and easiest way you can make your tools and shop furniture mobile is with casters.

There are many caster options. Casters specifically designed for workbenches are great for wood workbenches where you have a place to easily attach the caster using screws.

Generic casters are also work great, but be sure the casters have locks, otherwise you’ll be chasing your tools around your shop. Casters also have weight limits, so be sure to choose a caster that is compatible with the weight of your tools.

2. DIY Mobile Bases

The second way to make your tools portable is by DIYing your own mobile base.

These three below are great options you can consider. (my guide Ultimate Small Shop provides plans to 5 different mobile bases you can build easily)

Two Wheel Mobile Base:

DIY Mobile Tool Base:

Easy Lift Mobile Base:

3. Store Bought Mobile Bases

The third way to make you tools mobile is with a store-bought base. These HTC bases get great reviews and they are available for several tool weights.

The HTC-2000 Adjustable Mobile Base works for tools weighing up to 500 pounds and the HTC-3000 Heavy Duty Adjustable Mobile Base works for tools weighing up to 700 pounds.

The Shop Fox Adjustable Mobile Base is nearly identical to one of the bases I use in my small workshop. It works well and has a 700 pound weight capacity.

I used to own the Central Machinery base from Harbor Freight but I don't recommend it. The wood needed to complete the base isn’t a standard size and needs to be ripped to width, which is an extra step. It does roll back and forth well, but changing direction is a challenge.

More Inspiration For Your Shop:

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