How To Get A Refund

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If prefer to read instead, I’ve outlined the steps for you here…

 1) Check your email receipt from Clickbank for details

You only need a few things in order to get your refund:

  • Your email (which you ordered from)
  • Your order number or ZIP code or last 4 digits of your card

To get the order/confirmation number, you need to scour through email to look for the invoice that you first received when you first bought Ultimate Small Shop.

Now if you can't find your order number, you can simply use your ZIP code or your credit card details. Once you have your order number, you need to…

2) Go to

Caution! That’s WITHOUT the ‘IC’! - Click Here To Go To CLKBANK.COM

Once you typed in the URL, it will lead you straight to the back-end of and from there…

3) Click on "LOOK UP YOUR ORDER" and enter your email address

After that, either enter your order number, your ZIP code, or the last 4 digits of your credit card

4) Click on “Order Detail, Tech Support & Refunds"

After retrieving the order, click on “Order Detail, Tech Support & Refunds” and that will bring you to another section.

5) Click on “Get Support”

6) Click on that dropdown, and select:  “More Options”.

7) Select “Refund Request & Select "OTHER”

In the "additional comments" box, simply enter the text: Preapproved refund. Don't enter anything else to for faster processing

8) Click "SEND"

Your refund will be processed in about 2 business days.

Once the refund has gone through, it must then be processed by your issuing bank or credit card company.

Depending on your issuing bank, you should receive the credit in 3-5 business days (Monday through Friday, not including US holidays). Refunds to a PayPal account are made within 48 hours.

Need Help With This?

If you're having trouble completing this refund form or you've lost the details, we'll be glad to assist you.

Simply update your ticket requesting for manual refunding (include your email address) and we'll manually process the refund for you.

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