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To start making commissions selling Ultimate Small Shop, you need a Clickbank account. Clickbank tracks and sends you payment every week. Sign up for an account here.

Once you have an account, you will get a account nickname, which is your affiliate ID. Replace xxx with your actual ID for your affiliate link.

Eg if you affiliate ID is "clickbankid":
will be:

Regular Link (Highest Converting!):

NEW! FaceBook/PPC Compliant Lander (No Pop-Up or Auto-Play):

Free Guide: Top 20 Tools Opt In Page (FB friendly):

(we promote it over 14 days for you and you'll get all future commissions - up to 60 days! Just send traffic and we'll do the rest)

Text Only Page (No Video):

Text Only Page (No Video) + No Pop-Up:

Free Book Lander Giveaway:

(Use this lander if you're giving away our "free guide giveaway" to your autoresponder - Use this as the "thank you" page after signing up)

Replace xxxxx with your actual ID for your affiliate link.

(replace "tracking" with any text for you to track leads on your Clickbank dashboard)

Use these links on your blog, ADs, website and anywhere else on the web. If a visitor clicks on the link and purchase, you'll get the commission on the sale + commissions on all backend upsells!

Note On Tracking Pixels:

Due to iOS14.5 changes, FB does not track pixels like how it used to be. Placing pixels on our domain will not work anymore since Facebook does not track pixels on third party sites.

However, you can place all your tracking pixels from FB/PPC networks from your own Clickbank account.

Find out more about using Clickbank's tracking integration on Clickbank's Integrated Reporting Help Page

If you are a high volume or a super affiliate, contact us if you need a custom/specific pixel placed.

Alternatively, you can also see this article on domain verification:

You can use RedTrack to verify your own domains for conversion tracking. The workaround allows you to track conversions for your affiliate campaigns.

We also recommend taking a look at Clickmagick as a tracking solution.

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