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Facebook is still one of the best performing traffic sources and you can certainly get penny clicks if you know how to target and use the right ADs.

If you're running FB ADs, remember to use the FB compliant lander -> 


Another way (recommended), is to create your own landing page then giveaway our free book - Free Guide Giveaway That way, you collect leads for more follow up. If you need help setting up landing pages, I recommend LeadPages

Visit the menu section on "free guide giveaway" for full details! 

On this page, you'll get sample images you can swipe if you're running Facebook ADs. I encourage you to split test title text copy and images

Remember to check out the customer demographics here

Click on the images below to expand to full size and right click to save it.

Tip 1: Remember to always split test all ADs and refresh the AD image after frequency gets higher than 3

Tip 2: Start with NewsFeed placements first (not automatic placements) NewsFeed is usually the easiest to test and scale. Instagram and other placements are a whole different ballgame

Tip 3: Let your ADs run before pausing them. Usually, poor performing Ads can suddenly make a turnaround once enough impressions are gathered. So be patient!

Facebook Title Ideas:

TITLE 1: Secret tool source that saves you 70% off prices?

TITLE 2: How To Set Up A Fully Equipped Workshop For Under $1000

TITLE 3: The 3 Deadly "Small Shop" Mistakes (and how to avoid them!)

TITLE 4: Set up a shop even if you've no money, no space and no tools?

TITLE 5: How To Setup Your Workshop In A Small Space Under Budget!

TITLE 6: Set Up Your Shop In A Small Space Without A Nightmare Budget!


small shop setup woodworking
wood shop set up guide

I encourage you to source your own photos of workshops and use them to refresh or test your Facebook ADs

Different type of workshop images work for different Title Ad copy.

The rule of thumb is: Do not use a large workshop photo and have the ad copy say "small shop".

So split test all your ADs, images and once you get a winning formula, SCALE like crazy....and you'll make bank with Facebook!

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