Free Guide Giveaway

You can download this guide and give it away. Use it as an opt-in offer to collect emails and promote Ultimate Small Shop.

You need your own autoresponder (Getresponse recommended) as well as your own landing page. For easy building of landers and opt-in pages using templates, I highly recommend LeadPages


Add the free guide on this page to the first email to send out to your subscribers. You can either attach it or create another landing page for the downloads (recommended)

- For the "thank you" page (after they have opt-in), use this affiliate link:

This affiliate link simply tells the customer to check their inbox and presents them with a salespage (with your affiliate cookie)

As long as you use the affiliate link above, you will get commissions when your prospect buys from any link in the free guide.

Now for the book, I've included both the Word format and PDF format.

You can edit to add your affiliate link if you wish. If you use the affiliate "thank you" page, then editing is optional since you'll get the full commissions from the cookie regardless.

Then distribute the file to your mailing list, as a opt-in reward and more... and anyone that purchases from the link will net you commissions...


(click on the image to view full size version and save it)


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Discover how to setup your dream woodworking workshop easily and under budget by avoiding these fatal mistakes

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